Tesla Mezcal

Smoky and floral with a smooth finish. Our limited-release Tesla Mezcal celebrates Oaxaca’s artisanal Tahona-milled mezcal with an alembic distillation process by intuitively combining the distinct flavors of native Espadín and Bicuishe agaves. The result is a mezcal that is as delicate as it is spicy, with a deep citrus and green apple nose that gives way to soft herbal notes with a delicate smokiness that lingers on the tongue. Finishes with notes of tuberose, jasmine and chamomile that soften into a balanced, velvety mouthfeel.

The hand-blown glass bottle features a rich black finish inspired by Oaxaca's centuries'-old Barro Negro pottery-making tradition. The bottle was designed by Tesla’s Director of Product Design, Javier Verdura, in honor of his Mexican roots and early life growing up in Mexico City. The design is emblematic of Mexico's Oaxacan culture, featuring a unique hand-molded form that honors ingenuity, family values and a love of food.

Tasting Notes: Floral, delicate and spicy with earthy aromas and hints of lime, green apple and spice followed by smoky notes. Finishes with soft tuberose, jasmine and chamomile. Mouthfeel is balanced, yet strong with light bitter notes at the end.

43% ABV 




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